WordPress Speed Test: Credit goes to choosing the right theme

website speed test

Just like you, I struggled to optimize my first WordPress website to please Google. So, I realized that if you don’t know what themes score without optimizing with plugins. Over the time, I came to know that themes from WordPress team, are the best performing themes. When it comes to page load time, accessibility, coding […]

MySQL Tutorial: Create Database, Table, & Insert Values

Hello World!! In this tiny MySQL Tutorial video, I demonstrate how to create a database, select database, create a table, and insert values into the table, using the terminal, command line, prompt. How to hash the password in MySQL Database. How to create a database in MySQL CREATE DATABASE database_name; How to list databases in […]

PWA Examples – Progressive Web Apps

Hello and welcome! my name is Amulya and you are watching TubeMint. In this video I am going to show you another progressive web app example. So, I just converted this website to progressive web app. This one www.tubemint.com and I am already online, just trying to pull up this website on my android phone. […]