How to update/upgrade composer

update composer

Update Composer If you already have installed composer on your system, just willing to update or upgrade it to the latest composer version. Launch your command prompt on Windows system and terminal on your Linux and MacOS and run the composer self update command. On Windows: On Linux: if you are running Ubuntu Then On […]

How to install python 3.6.7 and pip on Ubuntu 18.04

install python3 pip3 ubuntu 18

With Ubuntu 18.04.2, you get python 3.6.7 pre-installed. To check it, you simply launch the terminal and run python version check command If you still want to install python3.6 on your Ubuntu 18.04, please run the terminal command below To install pip3 on Ubuntu 18.04, run the following terminal command

PHP foreach loop in HTML table – working

php foreach loop in html table

This is how I got PHP foreach loop working in HTML table. You can find the working code below. Get all the code for PHP Connect to MySQL Database, using mysqli api. PHP foreach Loop PHP foreach loop iterates through the array, associative array, MySQL table, and also lets run arithmetic operators. Download PHP 7 […]

How to install pip in Windows

install pip windows

How to install python pip in Microsoft windows 7/8/10 with python installation and manually as well. Steps to download and install pip in Windows download the pip file on your system desktop/downloads folder from Launch Windows CMD and navigate to the folder, where pip is downloaded and then type in the CMD: python […]

WordPress 2019 child theme

wordpress 2019 child theme

This Wordpress Twenty Nineteen – 2019 theme is ready for PWA, web performance, accessibility, and coded with best practices. Good for the users and SEO.