How to install Flask on Ubuntu 18.04/19.04

how to install flask on ubuntu

How to install Flask – Python web development micro framework on Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04 Go ahead and launch your terminal, run the following commands.. I assume that you already have python and pip installed on your Ubuntu Desktop/server. If not, you can install python3 and pip3 with the following commands. Let’s Install python3 and […]

Edge Insider (Chromium): Set Google as a Default Search Engine

edge insider browser

I just installed Microsoft Edge Insider browser, which is a chromium (V8) powered browser by Microsoft. In this post, I am going to walk you through to setting Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine as a default search engine on Microsoft Edge Insider browser. Microsoft has released 3 Edge Insider channels, which are Canary […]

Hamburger Menu: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

hamburger menu with html css and javascript

Let’s make a very simple but, responsive hamburger menu with HTML, CSS, and pure JavaScript. If you have been looking for a tutorial on how to create hamburger menu with HTML, CSS, and Vanilla JavaScript. This post is going to be helpful for you. HTML code for Hamburger Menu Go ahead and launch your favorite […]

How to install NetBeans on Ubuntu

install netbeans on linux ubuntu

I am going to assume that you have Ubutnu 18.04 or 19.04 version installed your system and you want to install NetBeans 10/11. Go ahead and launch terminal and run this command to update Ubuntu core.. Install NetBeans 11 on Ubutnu with snap command This command is going to install java and java jre and […]

How to install MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04/19.04

isntall mysql server on ubuntu

I are going to install MySQL server on Ubuntu 19.04 using terminal, but you can follow the instructions and install MySQL server on Ubuntu 18.04 as well. First thing first, we need to update the system core, so launch your terminal manually or press control+shift+t and type following command.. Wait for the updates and upgradables […]