How to Install Java Open-JDK & JRE 14 on Ubuntu 19.10

open jdk 14

In this post, I am going to walk you through the installation process of Open JDK 14 and Open JRE 14 on Ubuntu 19.10 desktop version. Go ahead and launch your Ubuntu terminal and shoot the following the commands. Update Ubuntu 19.10 First Install JRE 14 on Uubuntu Install JDK 14 on Ubuntu Verify JDK […]

VideoLan VLC Media Player Review and Features

What is VLC Media Player? Anyway? In case you do not know what is a VLC media player is. Let me explain to you what really is VLC media player. VML media player is feature-rich, fully customization media player and video streaming software, which is also open-source (free). At the same time, it can be […]

HTTP Headers Security Policy – Example Code

http headers security

I recently came to know about HTTP Headers Security, that is essential for websites today. No matter how small your site is, you must make sure that your website is secure. And I think secure websites carry weightage in the eyes of the search engines as well. Check Your Website Security Score Head to […]

WordPress 5.3: Installation & New Features

This post will cover WordPress 5.3 local installation on Windows 10 and after installing WordPress locally, I’l go over most of the newly add Gutenberg blocks in WordPress 5.3. We’ll also go over WP Twenty Twenty theme and wind up with Google Chrome LightHouse audit. Watch me install WordPress 5.3 on YouTube Download WordPress 5.3 […]

Open Sublime Text from Windows Command Line (CMD) and Power Shell


This tutorial will help you set Sublime Text 3 on Windows Systems up, to launch Sublime text 3 from Windows Command Line – CMD or Windows Power Shell with subl command. Create a User variable – subl To create a new user variable on your system, click Windows menu button and look for “variable” and […]