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Drupal 7 LTS: How to Install it on Ubuntu Server

drupal 7 lts

This post will help you install Drupal 7 LTS on Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) server. I assume that you have already installed your Linux server and also installed MySQL server. Also assume that you have configured your name servers for your domain name. Download Drupal 7 Navigate to /public_html folder to download latest Drupal 7 … Read more

Install PHP, MySQL, Apache on Debian

Update Package Upgrade Package Install Apache2 Activate Apache2 Rules Install MySQL Full guide on installing MySQL on Ubuntu and Debian Install PHP Install PHP Module Allow to run Apache on boot up Restart Apache Web Server Here is list of commands that you would find useful depending on your usage. ENABLE MOD_REWRITE ON APACHE sudo … Read more

Shopify Local Theme Development Environment Setup

Hello there, this post will help you get started with custom Shopify theme development from scratch on Windows system locally. I am going to use my Linux Ubuntu, however, you can set up Shopify theme development environment on Windows, Mac and other Linux distributions. Shopify Theme Development From Scratch….. Environment Setup First I am going … Read more

WordPress Plugin Development – Getting Started Guide

This post will help you get you started with WordPress plugin development. You’ll understand how WordPress plugin work and how to create a simple WordPress plugin with a few functionality that’ll enhance your WordPress blog, site, or WooCommerce store. We’ll using most commonly used WordPress hooks and actions to create our plugin to understand the … Read more