English Adjectives and Adverbs

This post will get you antiquated with the uses of English adjectives and adverbs in your day to day life. We use an adverb, not an adjective to say how something happened or was done I’ve always greatly enjoyed his novels. (not great enjoyed. The people who work in that shop always politely no customers […]

Install Ruby on Rails 7 on Linuxmint

install ruby on rails 7 on linuxmint

If you would like to try Ruby on Rails 7 with Ruby 3 on Linuxmint 20.03, I am quickly going to demonstrate how to install Ruby, Node, NPM, Yarn, git, build essentials, Ruby on Rails 7 and all other required packages and also will create the demo Rails app and run the Rails server and […]


I am using MySQL 8 and was trying to query SELECT DISTINCT with CONCAT on my Linux Mint system. If you have MySQL 5.x, please refer to the official documentations. Here is the query that worked for me..