Mother Tongue Influence Neutralization

If you got the mother tongue influence (MTI) and would like to neutralize your accent so that you can easily be understood by foreigner, appear for interviews, exams, etcetera, and feel comfortable amongst your friends; then I offer one month MTI removal/neutralization course that teaches you English language phonetics and trains your tongue too. But […]

संस्कृत वर्णों के उच्चारण स्थान

संस्कृत वर्णों के उच्चारण स्थान कण्ठः अ, क, ख, ग, घ, अःतालु इ, च, छ, ज, झ, य, शमूर्धा ऋ, ट, ठ, ड, ढ, र, षदन्त लृ, त, थ, द, ध, सओष्ठ उ, प, फ, ब, भ, व, फनासिका ञ, म, ङ, ण, नकण्ठ तालु ए, ऐकण्ठ ओष्ठ ओ, औदन्त ओष्ठ व

४२ प्रत्याहाराः

माहेश्वर सुत्र से बने 42 प्रत्यहार जो संध्याद मे प्रयोग होतें हैं। निम्नलिखित १४ माहेश्वर सूत्र हैं। इनमें पूरी वर्णमाला इस प्रकार दी हुई है- क्रमश: स्वर, अन्तःस्थ, वर्ग के पंचम, चतुर्थ, तृतीय, द्वितीय, प्रथम वर्ण, ऊष्म । माहेश्वर सुत्र १. अइउण्२. ऋलृक्३. एओङ्४. ऐऔच्५. हयवरट्६. लण्७. ञमङणनम्८. झभञ्९. घढधष्१०. जबगडदश्११. खफछठथचटतव्१२. कपय्१३. शषसर्१४. हल् […]

Google Merchant Product Feed From Shopify & WooCommerce

google merchant listing

Here is a quick overview of how to upload or sync products from WooCommerce and Shopify to Google Merchant Center and auto update periodically. But before you start setting up your store with Google merchant center – you must have installed product merchant JSON-LD or product schema on your store on all product pages. Also […]

Food Related Collocational Words

List of collocational world for food that is the most used word around the world. If you want to become an advanced level English writer or speaker then consider reading Food Collocational words and most importantly start using them in your day to day English Speaking and Writing. Good luck!! 🙂 Delicious Food  Excellent Food […]