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How to install Django 2.1.7 on Ubuntu 18.04

install django 2 on ubuntu 18.04

In order to install Django on any operating system, we need to already have python and pip installed. If you have not, please install python3 and pip3 on Ubuntu. Now, I assume that you already have python and pip installed on your Ubutnu 18.04. Let’s install Django 2.1.7 which is the latest version at the … Read more

How to install python 3.6.7 and pip on Ubuntu 18.04

install python3 pip3 ubuntu 18

With Ubuntu 18.04.2, you get python 3.6.7 pre-installed. To check it, you simply launch the terminal and run python version check command If you still want to install python3.6 on your Ubuntu 18.04, please run the terminal command below To install pip3 on Ubuntu 18.04, run the following terminal command

How to install Django 2.1.7 on Windows 10

install django 2

How to install django 2 on windows 10/8/7. So, in order to install Django 2 , you need to have python installed already on your operating system. Download & Install Python Follow this python download link to download & install the latest version of python on your windows 10/8/7 operating system. Verify python & pip … Read more

How to install pip in Windows

install pip windows

How to install python pip in Microsoft windows 7/8/10 with python installation and manually as well. Steps to download and install pip in Windows download the pip file on your system desktop/downloads folder from Launch Windows CMD and navigate to the folder, where pip is downloaded and then type in the CMD: python … Read more