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Backup Microsoft Office Activation Key

Have you lost your Microsoft office activation key? Or you just want make sure that you don’t lose MS office activation key. Whatever the case is; before you repair your office or reset your windows 10, make you backup your office product activation key. I going to show you how you can back it up on your flash drive or on the cloud storage account.

This step by step guide will help backup Office 2016, Office 2019, Office 2020 and above Office versions activation key.

Locate Office Activation Key on Windows 10

Press the following the keys on your keyboard to open file explorer.

Windows + e

Look for /windows folder and open it

Now, look for /system32 and open it

Now, look for /spp and open it

Under /spp, copy /store folder and keep

Keep Your Office Key

Now, you can keep your /store folder on a flash drive or on your cloud storage account like OneDrive or Google Drive.


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