Install Magento 2.3.x on Ubuntu With Composer

install magento with composer

Let us install Magento 2.3.x community edition on Ubuntu 19.10 with composer. I already have installed PHP 7.3, MySQL 8, and Apache2.4 and tested phpinfo method; it’s working on my Ubuntu laptop with Ubuntu or Debian. I am assuming that you also have installed PHP, MySQL, Apache 2 web server, and composer. One more thing; … Read more

How to Change Logo in Magento 2

change logo in magento 2

How to change logo in Magento 2 theme Login to your Magento store admin dashboard area. Click Content Click Configuration under Design section Scroll down to Other Settings Click Header Upload your logo Save Configuration from right top Now, go ahead and pull up your website in a new tab to check if your new … Read more