Install Python 3.6.10 on Ubuntu

This post will help install Python 3.6.10 on Ubuntu Desktop and Server. We are going to install Python 3.6.12, which is latest version of Python 3.6 with a few security fixes. Since, I going to download and install Python 3.6.12 from the source; it will take time and I also assume that you are comfortable … Read more

Ubutnu 20.04 No WiFi Options [fixed]

ubuntu wifi driver

If you just installed Ubuntu Distro and not able to get online with your inbuilt Wi-Fi device then you are missing wireless Wi-Fi driver. The only thing your Ubuntu 20.04 or other releases are missing the wireless driver, so, this page is going to help you install and test right wi-fi driver for your hardware. … Read more

How to Install dotnet SDK core on Ubuntu

install dotnet sdk on ubuntu

This post will help you install dotnet .NET core on Ubuntu desktop 16.04 and above. Launch your terminal and run these following commands with sudo. After running the above command, type your sudo password, your system may ask for your permission; simply type y and hit enter on your keyboard. To install dotnet core on … Read more