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Check SIM Portbility Status – with your Mobile Number

Is your network carrier taking long time to port in you from your previous SIM network provider? Is so…. you can check for portbility status of your SIM. There sites are recommended by TRY.

I’m going to show you how to check portability status so if you are porting from one SIM or network carrier provided to other and you would like to know the status and this is the page you want to visit so it’s maintained by try so in FAQ category mobile hyphen number iPhone portability I will leave the link in the description.

Sites to check Porting Status

And it it gives you two external sites where you can check the status okay I will also leave these links in the description so Three Links in there this is not working my board however this only requires your phone number you just need to enter 10 digit phone number yes and this gives you the status okay this side which is mnp India dot in slash index.php slash supporting status reporting hyphen status so you enter your mobile number UPC code re-enter it prove that you are a human being and then submit it will take some time and it should so it should show the status and that’s what it does Okay so this is for zone two so there are two zones in India Zone One North in West India zone two south and east East
India so basically this I I found this one better and faster than this one because this only required the 10 digit number phone number so you could try both of them whichever one works for you it gives you the status it also may send you a text message these are authentic sources to figure out to to retrieve the portability status however they do not provide any history or portability history it’s just the status that’s it.