This post will help you create a custom shortcut key to adjust speaker or headphone volume on your Microsoft Windows OS, I am using Windows 10 but this should work on any Microsoft Desktop OS..

%windir%\System32\SndVol.exe -f 49825268
hello YouTube my name is amuli and in this video I’m quickly going to show you how you can create a shortcut to adjust your volume sound volume or speaker volume on your Windows operating system this is Microsoft Windows 10 but this should work on any Microsoft operating system okay so let’s get started so I was just thinking about to buy a multimedia keyboard but I already have one switch I’m not happy with honestly so what I thought if there is a way to create a shortcut on Windows 10 operating system to adjust the volume and this is what I got so now I’m just pressing shortcut to launch it and then to manage the foreign so you can see I’m able to adjust the volume with the generic keyboard by just creating a shortcut so let me go ahead and show you how you can do it by the way I found it here on this Microsoft website this gender one uh let’s post at this so it took me a while to implement it and there was no video on the web to kind of help us quickly do it so let me show you how I did it so I’ve got it here on my computer screen and what you have to do so right click on desktop and create a shortcut so basically right click anywhere on the desktop on a on a basically empty area so not on any icon and you go to new and then create a shortcut okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to delete this one so just click new create a shortcut and then it is asking for a location so this is the location you want and let me quickly explain it so this launches this program if you just type this in the account box here they should give you the idea so and the second part is the first Speaker section okay you can find out how you can launch the system sound and then any third party uh volume manager Okay so now you simply click next I will leave this in the description however if you are on a small device you can simply pause the video and type it okay so simply this is the location of the program and this is The Sound Manager number and then hit next you can name it so you just type a name of the shortcut I’m going to leave it as it is this is the program basically and just removed it EXE and then click finish now to assign this shortcut basically right click on it uh on this short conversation it’s not good icon right click and go to properties and then here is simply go to shortcut tab and just put a cursor in here and you simply can press a key a function keys eight or nine uh good key so if you press them nothing happens generally on printers so I’m going to press F you can press F9 divided to kind of save keys that is so I’m going to press nine this time because it it’s easier to press than number eight I guess f8 and then you can please press apply and then okay and now if I press F9 it launches this now I can adjust the volume but with the error yeah okay you can also press right and left patterns and it tells the same thing goes up and down so that’s it for this video guys if you have any questions suggestion leave in the comment thank you bye