You are going to learn how to create a blog with WordPress in the process of creating the blog you will learn how to to use wordpress at the same time you will also learn how to find easy to rank keyword and phrase and then promote your post to get visibility on social media platforms and search engines as well. 

People create blog to enhance their knowledge in the knees at the same time to make money off the blog whatever is your goal;   at the end of this post you’ll be able to create your blog post find  new blog post ideas to publish content regularly and drive traffic to your blog and finally convert these visitors into customers or buyers. 

Before we start creating the blog with wordpress which is the best CMS for Blog in for its simplicity and its vibrant ecosystem. WordPress is completely free open source software that comes with thousands of free themes and plugins and that helps beginner bloggers launch their blog in just a few hours. Literally speaking you can launch your wordpress blog in just 10 minutes and a few people can publish their very first post in the first hour.

But that is very easy and a lot of people already know how to publish a post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok; Publishing a blog post with WordPress is no different than publishing a post on social media. 

Find Your Blogging Niche

I assume that you have already chosen your field of interest or a niche that you want to blog about. If you have not, then let me tell you that choosing a niche before starting the blog is important. The second important thing is to find easy to rank keywords and phrases with your new blog and website. 

Every blogger uses SEO tools to find easy to rank keywords and find keywords and phrases that his or her competitors are already ranking for. 

Buy a Domain Name

Once you’ve chosen your blogging niche, simply you should buy a domain name for your blog. Before you buy the domain name you want to make sure that it’s easily brandable on social media platforms and it’s unique too.  There are so many tools that can help you find a  brandable and unique domain name. When your domain name is unique it becomes easier for search engines to find you and rank higher for brand search queries. 

Create Blog with WordPress

So to create a blog we are going to use wordpress CMS and what resources available with every web hosting company so simply go ahead and find a good web hosting company whenever your target audience is; We must host our website and blog closer to the target audience to serve our web pages faster and rank quickly for local  search queries on search engines.

So there are two types of hosting basically you can buy for your wordpress blog the first one is shared hosting and the second one is WordPress managed hosting; most beginner bloggers start with shared hosting and then as they grow their blog they move to managed hosting or VPS hosting.

Because we are using WordPress that comes with thousands of free plugins that make moving sites from one server to another the easiest process.

No matter which hosting services you go with, you most probably will get to one click wordpress installer that clearly means that you don’t have to waste time downloading and installing WordPress manually and then setting up the database and configuring the domain name.

Since you already have installed wordpress on your domain now it’s time to to customise your wordpress theme  the minimum customisation should be ok so you just need the logo and favicon for your blog.

Find easy to Rank Keywords and Phrases

To find easy to rank keywords and phrases for your blog is very critical to beginner bloggers and finding easy to rank keywords is easy with certain keyword research tools and they are paid tools.

Here are the tools that you can use to find easy to rank keywords for your new blogs and websites.

Before You Start Writing Your Very First Blog Post

So now you have found the easy to rank you keyword or phrase or long tail keyword, the next thing you should definitely want to search this keyword or phrase in Google to check what websites are already ranking for this keyword, what kind of content they have written, and what are the FAQs on the very first page and related queries at the bottom of the page too.

Find Your Niche Competitors

To find competitors in the same niche of your blog you simply have to use tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush.These tools will give you keywords and phrases, that your competitors website ranking and the domain name. 

Once you’ve found the domain name of your competitors and the keywords and phrases that their ranking for you can simply improve the content and publish the same kind of content on your blog to rank higher on the search engines.