This post will help you install Drupal 7 LTS on Linux (Ubuntu and Debian) server. I assume that you have already installed your Linux server and also installed MySQL server. Also assume that you have configured your name servers for your domain name.

Download Drupal 7

Navigate to /public_html folder to download latest Drupal 7 LTS release from Drupal keeps releasing patch releases for Drupal LTS version. We are going to download the most recent version that was released in 2021 1st quarter.


Unzip Drupal 7

To unzip the Drupal 7 LTS download, I am going to use unzip utility package on Ubuntu server. If you have not installed unzip package; you can install it by running sudo apt install unzip


Remove the zip folder

rm -R

Moving Drupal 7 LTS to /public_html

Change the directory to drupal-7.78/

cd drupal-7.78/

Move evering thing from drupal-7.78/ to /public_html

mv * ../

Remove the cd drupal-7.78/ folder

rm -R drupal-7.78/

Install Drupal 7 LTS

Create a SQL database, username and password. I assume that you have already created your database, username, and password. If you have not, please follow this post to create SQL database, username, and password.

Now, in a new browser tab; pull up your domain name and fill in the database credentials, website and admin user name, email, & password.

You’ll have your Drupal LTS site up and running.