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What is GroupSEOTool?

Group SEO tool is a setup of digital marketing tools for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and businesses, who want to do content marketing effectively or promote their websites, blogs, e-commerce store on social media. 

These days there are a number of groupSEOTools service providers, they bundle top premium SEO, content writing, content promotion and digital marketing tools In a package commonly known as combo package at a very affordable price,  at the same time they also offer individual tools at a very affordable price.

The pros of using these tools is that you get all the tools at very affordable price, And the cons of using these tools is that you can only use them on one computer with restriction to some of their features, in other words you do not get access to all the feature of any tools offered under groupSEOtools or any individual tool by these companies.

These tools are really good for beginner bloggers, affiliate marketers, small businesses and learners.  I have personally used these tools and I am going to suggest the best and cheapest one and very bottom.

One of the oldest groupSEOtools provider is flikover.

What is flikover?

Flikover is a group SEO Tools service provider, They offer premium SEO and Digital Marketing individual tool and group SEO Tool packages at a very affordable price with 24×7 live chat support. Flikover charges you INR 1200 (USD 15) for 28 days for all 20 group SEO tools, which are essential for a digital marketing team.

To use flikover or such service provider you will have to install two browser extensions and these extensions are only available for Chrome browser. The other limitation is that you cannot share your login details with any other user on a different system if you do so they will block your account. 

There are many flikover websites and all of them offer similar tools at variable rates. You can visit and check their SEO tools and pricing at given web addresses.


Flikover Group SEO Tools package include at INR 1200

Here is a list of rules that you can get from flikover. They say in the combo package  there are 20 tools. But, I haven’t seen 20 tools accessible. This keeps changing.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. Majestic
  4. Word ai
  5. Grammarly
  6. Kwfinder
  7. Keyword tool pro plus
  8. Buzzsumo
  9. Moz
  10. Spyfu
  11. Alexa
  12. Animoto
  13. Lynda
  14. Woo rank
  15. Canva

Flikover alternative group SEO tools service provider only at INR 600 (USD 10)

This flikover alternative group SEO tool service provider offers all the tools that you can get from flikover at half the price of flikover. For security reasons I cannot reveal the name, here is the link

  1. Ahrefs (USD 5)
  2. Semrush (USD 4)
  3. Serpstat (USD 3)
  4. ArticleForge (USD 3)
  5. WordAi (USD 3)
  6. Keyword Tool (USD 3)
  7. Buzzsumo (USD 2.5)
  8. Moz (USD 2.5)
  9. SpyFu (USD 2.5)
  10. Canva (USD 2.5)
  11. Grammarly (USD 2.5)
  12. Quetext (USD 2.5)
  13. Alexa (USD 2.5)
  14. Woorank (USD 2.5)
  15. Lynda (USD 2.5)
  16. Skillshare (USD 2.5)
  17. Animoto (USD 2.5)
  18. Piktochart (USD 2.5)
  19. Crello (USD 2.5)
  20. PicMonkey (USD 2.5)

I have personally used their combo package; honestly speaking not all the tools they have in the combo package work. If you are planning to buy any individual tool – make sure you check with them before you purchase it.

By Tube Mint

I am a YouTuber and I also do niche marketing. In the process of create my niche blog using WordPress, Drupal, and GatsbyJS, I learned a few things like html, css, JS, CMS, MVC frameworks, C++, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Windows and Linux. After some time.. I realized that I can share my knowledge with people on YouTube and through my blog. So, here I am. You can ask me if you have any question about these technologies.

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