Chess Titans was a popular chess game that was included with earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 7. However, it is not available in Windows 10. Microsoft replaced Chess Titans with Microsoft Chess in Windows 10.

If you want to play chess on Windows 10, you can follow these steps to install and play Microsoft Chess:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store: Click on the Windows Start button and type “Microsoft Store” in the search bar. Click on the Microsoft Store app when it appears in the search results to open it.
  2. Search for “Chess Titans or Microsoft Chess”: In the Microsoft Store, use the search bar at the top right corner and type “Chess Titans or Microsoft Chess” or simply “Chess.” Press Enter or click on the search icon.
  3. Select and Install: Find the chess app you want to install (usually simply called “Chess”), and click on it to view its details. Click the “Install” button to download and install the app on your Windows 10 computer.
  4. Launch the Game: Once the installation is complete, you can launch the game from the Start menu. Type “Chess” in the Start menu search bar, and you should see the Chess app listed. Click on it to start playing.
  5. Play Chess: In the game, you can choose your level of difficulty, play against the computer, or even play against another player if you’re using a Windows 10 device with multiple user accounts.

Please note that while Chess Titans had its unique charm, Microsoft Chess offers a similar chess-playing experience on Windows 10. Enjoy your games!