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install python 3 and pip on ubuntu 19.04

How to Install python 3.7 & pip 3 – Ubuntu 19.04

Go ahead and launch Ubuntu 19.04 terminal and run the following commands to update the system core and install python3 and pip3

sudo apt update && upgrade

Then type Y when terminal asks for upgrade installation

Now, Install python 3.7 on Ubuntu 19.07 and check version

sudo apt install python3

Most probebly python 3.7.3 is already pre-installed on Ubuntu 19.04 and you do not have python 2.7 on the system.

Let’s install pip3 on Ubuntu 19.04

sudo apt install python3-pip

Now, check python 3 and pip3 version

python3 -V

pip3 -V

In case, you want to install python 2.7 on Ubuntu 19.04, run the following command

sudo apt install python 

Install pip for python 2.7 on Ubuntu 19.04

sudo apt install pip

Check python 2.7 and pip version

python -V

pip -V
Watch me instlal python 3.7 and pip 3 on Ubuntu 19.04

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