How to Install WordPress locally on/in Windows 10. In this video, I show how I install WordPress locally on windows 10 desktop/laptop, moreover, if you have Windows 8/8.1/7, you should be able to follow these steps to install WordPress locally on Windows 7/8/8.1 without any issues.

Download XAMPP – Apache, PHP, MySql on Windows 7/8/10

If you are willing to install PHP 7, MySQL and Apache one by one on Windows 10, I have got covered on this post.

I assume that you have already installed PHP, MySQL and Web Server like Apache. If you have not installed yet, this is most easiest way to install and manage php, MySQL and Apache on Windows, MacOS and Linux as well.

Alright, let go ahead and download the latest version of WordPress for our local installation on Windows.

  1. Download Latest Version of WordPress
  2. Unzip/Extract WordPress
  3. Locate /htdocs/ folder in your Apache installation folder
  4. Place the extracted WordPress folder and rename it
  5. Launch your preferred web browser and head to localhost/wp_fonlder_name
  6. Create a Database for your WordPress installation
  7. Enter Database Name, Username, Password and hit install
  8. Enter your site name and choose admin username and password
  9. To login to wordpress admin area, enter your admin username and password

Download Latest version of WordPress for your Windows systems