Are you looking for online IELTS classes that help you score high in all four modules – writing, speaking, reading and listening by polishing your English expressions and by sharing the secret of gaining higher scores in all IELTS modules?.

Whether you are going to appear for the first time for the IELTS test or you already have appeared; if you want to score higher you need to understand how IELTS scoring works and what actually the examiners are looking for in the candidates.

No matter where you are standing right now with the help of tips, tricks and techniques offered in the online IELTS class by us you will be able to score higher in all the modules. 

IELTS Writing Class

In IELTS writing class you will learn to write effectively to score higher but your basic grammar and vocabulary must be up to the mark. If you don’t; do not worry we are going to help you master the grammar, English modals and also build a fair amount of vocabulary which are just basics.

We are also going to help you compose meaningful paragraphs and  express your thoughts using complex sentences and appropriate words to impress your examiner.

IELTS Speaking Class

When it comes to speaking tests, it requires practice if you have never appeared for any interview or any speaking test like the IELTS speaking test. First we will share how the IELTS speaking text is examined and What is the examiner looking for in a candidate.

 We will also conduct one-on-one speaking tests to make sure you get familiar with common questions.

IELTS Reading Class

This is another aspect of the IELTS test and it has its own challenges so we are going to do regular practice on reading comprehension using the IELTS book and previous questions. We are definitely going to share tips, tricks and techniques to quickly find the answers from the reading paragraph. 

IELTS Listening Class

The IELTS listening test requires a lot of practice. The reason it requires practice is that the recorded listening test will be in native voice; it could be British or Australia. A lot of students would not be able to understand the accent. We help students get familiar with the British American and Australian accent.  We also teach English sounds which are called phonetics.

We help students neutralize their accent by removing (MTI) mother tongue influence.