In this post you will learn how to download and install Python 3.9.5 on Windows 10.  To download and install Python; let’s go ahead and launch our favorite browser Google Chrome. And head to Then put your cursors on the download button and look for Download for Windows  and click Python 3.9.5.  remember Python releases a new version of python every year almost so you might see Python 3.10  or later releases. 

Once the download completes go ahead and look for the downloaded Python package double click it to start the installation. One side note; that you must have administrative privileges to manage software installation and uninstallation on your Windows 10 operating system.

Install Python 3.9.6

As soon as the double click that downloaded Python package you will be prompted with a UAC window; click yes And most important thing on the next installation Wizard do not forget to to check the bags against add python 3.9 to systems path.  

Before you click Install Python make sure you have checked the box on the very first installation Wizard page that says check the box to add python 3.9 to the path and click install python about and let the installation finish in just 2 minutes.

 When the python installation Wizard says setup successfully completed, go ahead and close the window and launch your command prompt and type the following command to check whether Python is set to the system’s path.

  1. Open in browser
  2. Hover over Downloads
  3. Click Python 3.9.5 under Downloads For Windows
  4. Wait for the download to complete
  5. Double click the downloaded python package
  6. Click Yes on UAC window
  7. Check the box against Set Python 3.9 to the Path
  8. Click Install Python
  9. Wait for Success message
  10. Close the installation windows upon
  11. Launch CMD and type following command and hit enter
python -V