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install wordpress on linode server

Install WordPress with Ubuntu 20.04 on Linode Cloud Server

For whatever reason you are moving your WordPress sites to the cloud infrastructure from the traditional web hosting servers. Or maybe, you just decided to launch your wordpress site on cloud and have never tried traditional web hosting then you are on the right track because cloud  powered WordPress sites are going to be super fast when it comes to loading pages on your clients’ computer, laptop, smart devices and also your online business will be easily scalable across the globe on the fly.

And as we all know that faster page load is good for all; search engines, visitors, and site owners as well. Everybody is going to be happy about it. 

Let’s do it.. 

Or hire me to make this process less painful and save your time. 

Please Note: EasyEngine works well with Ubuntu and Debian Servers

Sign up for Linode Account

If you have not yet signed up for Linode then you can sign up using this button below.

Create Your Linode Server

I am going to use Ubuntu 20.04 Server. If you are going to install multiple WordPress sites then choose at least 2GB of RAM and choose the closest location where your business is or clients are located. 

Don’t forget to check the box at the bottom for your personal IP address. 

Note down your root password for your Ubuntu server and IP address.

Login as root via SSH or Putty

Take your IP address and login with root username and root password with SSh or putty.

Run the following commands to configure your Ubuntu.

apt update && apt upgrade -y
apt install -y ufw
ufw allow ssh
ufw allow http
ufw allow https
ufw enable

Create a New User 

Run the following commands to create a new user with sudo privilege.

Replace name with your preferred user name

adduser name
usermod -aG sudo name

Login with new user via SSH ro Putty

Logout and log back in with your new username and password for Ubuntu 

Install easyengine

wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee4 && sudo bash ee

Add A records to your domain DNS

Copy ip4 address of your server and add A records


Install & configure WordPress

Run the following command to install and configure php, database, NGNIX, WordPress, Letsencrypt, Radis and all that in just few minutes.

ahhahaa… peace of mind 🙂

Replace domain name and other credentials with your own ones.

sudo ee site create tubemint.com --type=wp --ssl=le --cache --dbuser=dbUserName --dbname=MyBlogName --admin-user=adminUserName --admin-pass=wpAdminPassword [email protected]

EasyEngine Install Options

Here are some other installation options for EasyEngine for WordPress on Ubuntu and Debian. That you can try. For more you can visit easyengine.io documentation page.

ee site info --type=wp <site-name> [--cache] [--vip] [--mu=<subdir>] [--mu=<subdom>] [--title=<title>] [--admin-user=<admin-user>] [--admin-pass=<admin-pass>] [--admin-email=<admin-email>] [--local-db] [--with-local-redis] [--php=<php-version>] [--dbname=<dbname>] [--dbuser=<dbuser>] [--dbpass=<dbpass>] [--dbhost=<dbhost>] [--dbprefix=<dbprefix>] [--dbcharset=<dbcharset>] [--dbcollate=<dbcollate>] [--skip-check] [--version=<version>] [--skip-content] [--skip-install] [--skip-status-check] [--ssl=<value>] [--wildcard] [--yes] [--force]

Adding CloudFlare CDN

If you want to add CloudFlare CDN with EasyEngine and then you need to add your domain to CloudFlare first and take cloudflare api key. .

sudo ee config set le-mail [email protected]
sudo ee config set cloudflare-api-key a;jskjd;23423412;ljdf

Replace email address and cloudflare api key with yours’.

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