I started getting LCP Issues for desktop and mobile devices on Google Search Console. This Google core web vital issue was affecting almost all of my WordPress sites. I started experimenting with a lot of WordPress plugins, I tried all the best, highly rated page speed optimization plugins but honestly nothing worked for me.

Finally, I found someone on Fiverr, who did some manual task for the affected pages and removed some of the plugins that were not of use anymore, this guy used a few unknown plugins and when I checked GSC (Google Search Console) after a week I found my LCP issues for desktop were fixed but LCP issues for mobile is not fixed yet.

I am working on building a plugin for WordPress that will automatically do the manual task this guy did on my website, in the meanwhile, I hire this guy to do the manual optimization to fix LCP Issue.

If I find something for mobile to fix LCP, I’ll certainly update this post.

This post is for personal reference for myself. If you need help with LCP issue on WordPress, you can contact this guy here.