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Looking for long tail keyword finder and generator tools? Look no further! I am going to list best long tail keyword finder and generator tools that are mostly accurate with the keyword search volume and keyword difficulty score and at the same time these tools are easy for beginners as well. I am going to list the tools that I have used myself and have had success with, few paid and a few free ones. You can trust me on that.

If you do not know what are long-tail-keywords then let me quickly explain that in few words.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

There are two types of keywords; seed keywords and long-tail-keywords. Long tail keywords are used to ask about the seed keyword, and also used to define specific feature of the seed keywords.

Here is a few examples of seed keywords and their long tail keywords.

SEO (Seed Keyword)

Long tail keywords and phrases of SEO, the seed keyword

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. How to write fully optimized meta tags
  5. How to improve rankings of my blog
  6. How to find easy to rank keywords

Weight Loss (seed keyword)

  1. Weight loss diet plans
  2. Weight loss supplements
  3. Weight loss vegan recipes
  4. Weight loss life style
  5. Weight loss snacks
  6. Weight loss exercises

Now you know what are long tail keywords and phrases this is right time to implement the very idea of low competition long tail keywords and phrases to get quick rankings and make some money.

Best Long Tail Keyword Finder Tools

There are thousands of keyword research tools out there for you. But, there are few that work like charm and SEOs and beginner bloggers love these tools.

I personally have used few tools and had success with found keywords and phrases.

Here is a list of Long Tail Keyword Finder Tools

  1. KWfinder – my favorite keyword research tool at $5 for 30 days
  2. KeyWord Revealer – Another awesome keyword research tool at $4 for 30 days

By following links above, you can sign up and start your free trail with these long tail keyword finder tools.

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