This post will help you download and install PHP 8 on your Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Desktop, Laptops, and Servers 2008 and above. I’ll show you how to download PHP 8 Thread safe 32/64 bit and install and add it to the system’s PATH and finally check php version and run the PHP 8 development server.

Download PHP 8

Let’s download PHP 8 32 bit and 64 bit for your specific system type. Please check your system type by pressing WINDOWS KEY + PAUSE/BREAK buttons on your keyboard and find the system type of your system to download the correct php 8 package.

If your system is 32 bit and you would like to download and install php 8 then download 32 bit PHP 8 for your system from the following link.

Unzip PHP 8

Once you have downloaded the PHP 8 on your system, now you need to unzip it, to unzip it right click the php zip download, and click extract all and unzip it using extractor software like 7zip.

Rename the unzipped folder and copy the folder on your clip board.

Install PHP 8

To install PHP 8 on your Windows system, you simply need to paste the extracted php 8 folder from your clipboard into your desired HDD/SDD drive.

Install PHP 8

Add PHP 8 to System PATH

To add PHP 8 to your system PATH, you simply need to copy the php8 folder path and paste in your system variables PATH.


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Check PHP Version

check php version

To check PHP version, type php -v in your command prompt

Run PHP 8 Development Server

To run PHP 8 development server, run the following command

php -S

Video: Install PHP 8 on Windows