I’ll Add JSON-LD and Open-Graph Product Schema, Microdata tags to Shopify

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JSON-LD Product Schema for Shopify

I’ll customize and add product schema to your Shopify store, and will verify it with a standard schema testing tool.

This is important for Voice search too.

Facebook Microdata Tags for Shopify Products – Open Graph

If you would like to add Facebook microdata tags to your Shopify store for products to sync your products to Facebook shop, This gig includes that too. But syncing products to Facebook, is not included in this gig. I’ll install Facebook microdata tags and verify with the Facebook debug tool.

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This gig is for one store only.


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There are two types of schema markups for Shopify products, that you should install on your store.

The first one is JSON-LD schema markup for products and the second one is Facebook backed up open-graph microdata tags for products that you must install if you are planning to promote your products on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  1. JSON-LD Product schema
  2. Facebook Microdata Tags for Products

I can add JSON-LD tags to Shopify, and fix error like.

When I run the Google rich results test, I get the error “unparsable structred data – structured data with syntax error”.

Adding Product Scheme to Shopify Store

The process of adding product schema to Shopify store is not straight forward because almost every Shopify theme generates both JSON-LD and Open-graph Microdata tags to some extent but if you are using a custom build theme that does not generate products microdata tags then you need to install JSON-LD and FB Microdata tags to your store.

Here is a quick guide how FB microdata is installed on Shopify.

  1. Install Facebook Pixel on Shopify store
  2. Verify Shopify store domain on Facebook
  3. Login to Shopify admin
  4. Launch Edit code from Theme Actions
  5. Locate file where your theme has the microdata and JSON-LD Code
  6. Figure out what code this file is missing
  7. Update and save the file
  8. Copy products URL
  9. Head to Facebook Microdata Debugging tool
  10. Paste your product URL
  11. Run the Test
  12. Don’t forget to Google Product Category to Shopify product microdata code


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