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Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha is wife of Moon and daughter of Daksh Prjapati, her deity is Indra-Agni Devas, ruling planet of Vishakha nakshatra is Jupiter, this nakshatra is associated with breast. First pada falls under Libra and the rest three under Scorpio.

Pada 1 = Agni, which is Dharma, ⚡ Energy
Pada 2 = Prithvi, which is Artha, 🐟 Possession
Pada 3 = Vayu, which is Kama, 💟 Emotions / greed / lust / jealousy / desire etc..
Pada 4 = Jal, which is Moksha, 🧠 Intelligent / Memory / Vedic Knowledge

During the Satya yuga all the four padas were strong, when there was a planet in a particular nakshatra, but now in Kaliyuga, only active pada is supposed to be strong in one’s chart. If your planets are in mostly in pada-1, your mind and karma will be dharmic, if pada-2, your mind and karma will bring in wealth, if pada-3, your mind and karma will be in kama (greed, taste, relationship, journey, jealousy, lust, etc.), if pada-4, your mind and karma would like to gain true knowledge and would also be dharmic.

If does not mean that you would not enjoy the rest (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha).

Also, these four padas are ruled by different planets apart from the main ruling planet, that tells us how the experience would be.

Rahu in Vishakha Pada 1

Rahu in Vishakha Pada 2

Rahu in Vishakha Pada 3

Rahu in Vishakha Pada 4