Facebook Microdata Tags: Examples

Listing Product, Hotels, Flights, Destinations, Home Property, and Vehicles on your Facebook page. Microdata tags are used to provide structured information about specific content on web pages. When it comes to Facebook microdata tags for various types of content like Products, Hotels, Flights, Destinations, Home Listings, and Vehicles, you would typically use Open Graph Protocol […]

Google Merchant Product Feed From Shopify & WooCommerce

google merchant listing

Here is a quick overview of how to upload or sync products from WooCommerce and Shopify to Google Merchant Center and auto update periodically. But before you start setting up your store with Google merchant center – you must have installed product merchant JSON-LD or product schema on your store on all product pages. Also […]

FIXED – FAQ mainEntity Missing

FAQ mainEntity Missing

If you have been getting mainEntry missing error on your FAQ pages under Google Search Console, then here is the quick fix this annoying error. Top Errors Errors can prevent your page or feature from appearing in Search results. The following errors were found on your site: Missing field “mainEntity” I was getting this error […]

How to Add Specialty Store Schema Markup to eCommerce

speciality store schema markup

This post will help you add custom JSON-LD schema markup to your Shopify store. As you might already know that Shopify store websites already ships integrated default store JSON-LD schema markup but if you have a speciality eCommerce store and services that you sell online. You must let Google know about the type of store […]

How to Redirect AMP Page URLs

This post will help redirect all AMP page URLs to original page, post, and category URLs with Redirect plugin in WordPress. I will be using REGEX to implement bulk redirection in WordPress using free plugin. Install Redirection Plugin Login to your WordPress admin area and click add new plugin and look for Redirection, install it […]

How I Fixed Core Web Vitals

fix core web vitals

So here is how I decided to experiment few things to fix core web vitals on my WordPress sites and after a month or so, I can see some positive results in Google Search Console for these WordPress sites that were in red category of Core Web Vitals score. A lot of people would say […]