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How to Install WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10

This post will help in installing WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10 with XAMPP server that has system server requirements met by installing PHP, MySQL, and Apache2 on Windows 10. However since XAMPP Server is a cross platform package – you can follow this instructional video to install WordPress 5.8.1 on your system. Steps to Install … Read more

How to Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Add analytics to WordPress

In this post I’m going to show you how to add google analytics tracking code to your wordpress website okay so let’s get started you can see this is my google analytics account and i already have added this website i’ll quickly go ahead and show you how you can add a website and then … Read more

How to Add Custom Meta Tags and Keywords to WordPress Header

This post will explain how to add custom meta tags to WordPress site wide. There are two ways to add custom meta tags to WordPress sites, in this post I’ll share two ways to add meta tags like keywords, Google Adsense, Google search console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and other social media meta tags. Without … Read more

WordPress Plugin Development – Getting Started Guide

This post will help you get you started with WordPress plugin development. You’ll understand how WordPress plugin work and how to create a simple WordPress plugin with a few functionality that’ll enhance your WordPress blog, site, or WooCommerce store. We’ll using most commonly used WordPress hooks and actions to create our plugin to understand the … Read more

WordPress Theme Development – 2021

If you have been trying to develop a WordPress then this post will help you start developing WordPress theme from scratch locally on your system. I going to use Linux Ubuntu but the process of developing a WordPress theme on any operating system is the same; its just the WordPress local installation differs. And this … Read more