How to Make/Change default directory in Bash/WSL Windows 10

wsl2 on windows 10

How to change default directory with WSL/BASH on every time you launch your WSL on Windows 10. How make your user directory default directory every time your launch your BASH or WSL like Ubuntu, Debian, Apline, Arch Linux, Fedore, Suse, and other Linux distro. To make this permanent default directory whenever you launch your WSL […]

How to Upgrade to WSL 2

wsl 2

How to upgrade from WSL 1 to WSL 2 on Windows 10. If you want to upgrade your WSL on Windows 10, there are two possible ways to upgrade your WSL. First one is simple – if you already have WSL installed on your system, you simply have to download the latest WSL 2 Linux […]

Install Apache2 with WSL on Windows 10

How to install Apache2 with Ubuntu WSL on Windows 10, start the apache2 server and access on localhost using your favorite web browser on Windows 10. This post assume that you already have installed Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10, if you have not installed yet, watch this video below. This video will help enable Windows […]