This tutorial will walk you through the quickest, easiest, and simplest WordPress Offline Installation process on Windows 10

I am going to install a software package that comprises of (php, MySQL, http server, WordPress, and phpmyadmin) all the modules that are required for WordPress offline installation, not only on Windows environment, but on Mac OS, and Linux distros as well.

I am talking about bitnami WordPress Application, that makes WordPress Offline Installation and Cloud Deployment technically easy.

Look up for WordPress on Bitnami

Launch your preferred browser, go to, click Applications tab and search for WordPress

Bitnami WordPress Installation Options

Bitnami WordPress Offline Installation Options

  1. Install WordPress with Apache http Server
  2. Install WordPress Production Ready
  3. Install WordPress with NGINX
  4. Install WordPress with NGINX & SSL
  5. Install WordPress Multisite

Install WordPress Offline with Apache http Server

Go ahead and download the first option from Bitnami WordPress Installation Options. Wait for the download to complete and then run it.

Watch me install WordPress Offline on Windows 10