• YouTube Video SEO Tools
    If you’re looking for best video SEO tools to rank your videos on YouTube and on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are three types of tools that you need for video SEO. The first kind of tool is to help you find easy to rank keywords with search volume and related keywords as well. Second type of video SEO tool is to help you find other videos that are ranking for the same keyword and phrase this type of … Read more
  • Xamarin Forms NavigationPage
    This post will help you create a navigation link using Xamarin Forms and its click event in Android app. I am using Windows 10 and have created a Xamarin Form template app. Create MainPage NaviationPage In your App.xaml.cs file, set your MainPage value to NavigationPage( new yourButtonPage(), true). Remember, MainPage.xaml file has the button and this also creates a back button on the top to return to the previous page. Create a Button in .xaml file This file could be of your choice, … Read more
  • WordPress: How to Create Sub-Menu
    How to Create Sub Menu in WordPress Login to your WordPress Admin areaGo to AppearanceGo to MenuSelect the pages you want to add to sub menuClick Add to MenuNow, drag these menus under desired menu buttonClick Save Menu That is all. Now, you go ahead to visit your website to check your sub menu.
  • WordPress Theming from Scratch for Beginner
    This post will help create your very first WordPress Theme from scratch if you have not yet. It’s going to be a clear and concise walk through and I assume that you already have your WordPress local installation setup on your preferred operating system. I’ll be using Windows 10 and I have installed and configured PHP 7.4.x, MySQL 8 and Apache-httpd 2.4 Web Server. Video Walk through Install LAMP on Ubuntu Install XAMPP no Windows If you need help installing WordPress locally, I … Read more
  • WordPress Theme Development – 2021
    If you have been trying to develop a WordPress then this post will help you start developing WordPress theme from scratch locally on your system. I going to use Linux Ubuntu but the process of developing a WordPress theme on any operating system is the same; its just the WordPress local installation differs. And this is why I am going to include two video walk through in this post below that’ll help you download and install latest version of WordPress on Your Windows … Read more