• How to Migrate WooCommerce to Shopify
    This post will guide you step by step to completely transfer WooCommerce products to Shopify with free migration Shopify app. The migration process is simple and straight forward. You need to have access to both WooCommerce admin and Shopify admin, with rights to export and import data from the server. I am going to walk … Read more
  • Shopify Microdata Tags for Facebook Catalogs
    This post will help you understand what are Facebook Microdata tags for Shopify store, and other CMS like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and others. It is very straight forward that Facebook uses these microdata tags to understand the different data fields of store products, pages, articles types of data, that are represented in HTML format … Read more
  • Microdata Tags for Shopify
    This post will explain what are microdata meta tags for an ecommerce online store. These microdata tags are designed specifically for products, irrespective of CMS, but in this case I am going to refer to Shopify because it is the first choice at the moment for business these days. Why Microdata Tags? So, you must … Read more
  • How to Upgrade Shopify Theme to Store 2.0
    This post will guide you to upgrade your old current Shopify theme to store 2.0. The process is very simple, you just need to duplicate and download your current Shopify theme, and unzip it. The next step is to install Ruby 2.7+ and Shopify CLI on your development system. I assume that you already have … Read more
  • Shopify Store 2.0 Theme Development – Step by Step Walk-Through
    This post will help you understand how Shopify theming is done in online store 2.0 and along the way you’ll be able to create your own custom Shopify Store 2.0 theme from scratch. There are two ways to create Shopify themes for store 2.0 store. First – you can fork Dawn theme, second – you … Read more


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