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My name is Amulya Shahi, I am from New Delhi, India. I write blog post in a few niches and offer support services to website & store owners.

I specialize in WordPress, Shopify, SEO, and Social Commerce.

For more you can check my services page.

If you have query about the services I offer you can reach me at [email protected]

shopify seo expert


  1. Shopify Theme Upgrade & Customization OS 2
  2. GA4 Integration and Dashboard Creation
  3. Google Search Console Dashboard Creation
  4. WordPress & WooCommerce Customization
  5. cPanel & Website Performance Improvement
  6. Product Auto-syncing to Facebook Catalog, Instagram and Pinterest
  7. Shopify Custom App & Sections
  8. CRM API integration ZOHOCRM & HubStop CRM
[email protected]