How to Add Logo to Shopify Debut Theme

How to Add Logo to Shopify Store – Debut Theme. This video shows how to add logo to Shopify debut theme, decrease and increase width of the logo and test the store on smartphone, tablet and desktop screens too. This video explains how to add custom logo to shopify store, align the logo to left … Read more

TT Bazaar & TT Garments Review

tt bazzar tt garments

During the lockdown I ordered a few underwear garments and a winter T-shirt from, I received them within a few days, which is okay; these people take their sweet time to deliver the products after all it was the lockdown period. But.. I did not get the color I ordered and all 3 underwear … Read more

Cooler Master Hyper T20 Review

cooler master hyper t20

Cooler Master Hyper T20 CPU Cooler comes with two heat pipes and is good for AMD and Intel CPUs. The following Intel and AMD sockets are supported. Cooler Master Hyper T20 comes with brackets for the both Intel and AMD CPUs and thermal paste too. Cooler Master Hyper T20 Installation Pros and Cons Cooler Master … Read more