How to Create 2022 Child Theme – WordPress Theming

To Create Child Theme of WordPress 2022 Theme, create a folder in your \wp-content\themes folder, name whatever you would like to call it. I named it 2022-child Create minimum required files in this folder. Create style.css Copy and paste the following code in your style.css file and save it. Create functions.php Copy and paste the […]

Install wp cli on Linux – Ubuntu & Linuxmint

Let’s quickly install wp cli on Debian based Linux distro called Linuxmint. I assume that you have already installed WordPress with PHP, MySQL and web-server (apache2 or other). PHP, Apache2, and MySQL Version This is how you check versoins of apache2, php, and mysql installed on my Linuxmint desktop. WordPress for wp-cli I have installed […]

WordPress Block Theme Development

I wanted to explore the ease of developing the latest block based WordPress theme, so, I first went ahead and checked if underscroses dot me, which is a Automatic – the company behind WordPress dot com, backed up theme boilerplace for building WordPress themes and it follows the best practices by default. But _s is […]

WordPress 2022 Block Theme, WP 5.9 New Features with Site Edit

wordpress 2022 theme

WordPress 5.9 just got released on January 25 2022 with WordPress Twenty Twenty-two Theme, that is going charge the look and feel of WordPress Admin and Frontend. Now, with the block based WP 22 theme, site owners will be able to edit all the templates and template parts and areas like footer, header. This is […]

LCP Issue Longer Than 2.5s (desktop) – Core Web Vitals

LCP issue longer than desktop core web vitals

I started getting LCP Issues for desktop and mobile devices on Google Search Console. This Google core web vital issue was affecting almost all of my WordPress sites. I started experimenting with a lot of WordPress plugins, I tried all the best, highly rated page speed optimization plugins but honestly nothing worked for me. Finally, […]

How to Install WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10

This post will help in installing WordPress 5.8.1 on Windows 10 with XAMPP server that has system server requirements met by installing PHP, MySQL, and Apache2 on Windows 10. However since XAMPP Server is a cross platform package – you can follow this instructional video to install WordPress 5.8.1 on your system. Steps to Install […]

How to Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Add analytics to WordPress

In this post I’m going to show you how to add google analytics tracking code to your wordpress website okay so let’s get started you can see this is my google analytics account and i already have added this website i’ll quickly go ahead and show you how you can add a website and then […]

How to Add Custom Meta Tags and Keywords to WordPress Header

This post will explain how to add custom meta tags to WordPress site wide. There are two ways to add custom meta tags to WordPress sites, in this post I’ll share two ways to add meta tags like keywords, Google Adsense, Google search console, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and other social media meta tags. Without […]

WordPress Plugin Development – Getting Started Guide

This post will help you get you started with WordPress plugin development. You’ll understand how WordPress plugin work and how to create a simple WordPress plugin with a few functionality that’ll enhance your WordPress blog, site, or WooCommerce store. We’ll using most commonly used WordPress hooks and actions to create our plugin to understand the […]

WordPress Theme Development – 2021

If you have been trying to develop a WordPress then this post will help you start developing WordPress theme from scratch locally on your system. I going to use Linux Ubuntu but the process of developing a WordPress theme on any operating system is the same; its just the WordPress local installation differs. And this […]