10 Family Related Words | Improve Vocabulary Learn the most commonly used words to describe family around the world to improve your writing, speaking and comprehension .

Joint Family
संयुक्त परिवाि

Nuclear Family
एकल परिवाि

Imperial Family
शाही परिवाि

Aristocratic Family
कुलीन परिवाि

Affluent Family
संपन्न परिवाि

Landowning Family
जमीदाि परिवाि

Noble Family
नेक परिवाि

Royal Family
राजसी परिवाि

Young Family
युवा परिवाि

Military Family
सैन्य परिवाि

Lower-class Family
ननम्नवर्गीय परिवाि

Middle-class Family
मध्यम वर्गीय परिवाि

Upper-class Family
उच्चवर्गीय परिवाि

  1. Joint Family
  2. Nuclear Family
  3. Imperial Family
  4. Aristocratic Family
  5. Affluent Family
  6. Landowning Family
  7. Noble Family
  8. Royal Family
  9. Young Family
  10. Military Family
  11. Lower-class Family
  12. Middle-class Family
  13. Upper-class Family