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SEO tools are costly for a lot of new bloggers, small businesses, and SEO learners as well. And it is almost impossible to start a blog, eCommerce store, or business website without conducting proper search, knowing your competitors, finding relevant and easy to rank keywords and phrases. And finally tracking your page rankings for target keywords. But don’t worry; your wait is almost over now. 

This post will introduce you to an array of premium SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, Buzzsumo, Keyword Tools, Spyfu, WooRank, Grammarly and many more. 

You do not need to look for cheap alternative SEO tools; if you like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Alexa, Moz Pro, Buzzsumo, Spyfu, WooRank and premium SEO Tools that I am about to list below in a second.

How to Buy Premium SEO Tools at Affordable Price

If that is the question you have in your mind then here is how I have been paying just $10 for all the premium tools in a combo pack offer that I mentioned above and a few more that I do not use very often. 

If you have never heard of companies offering combo seo tool packages at cheaper rates then that is the reason “I can think of” why you Googled for affordable seo tools. Or maybe you are looking for another SEO tool set at an affordable price range.. 

But, You REALLY DON’T NEED TO Worry!!!

Because there are so many SEO agencies and web hosting companies that have been offering SEO Combo Package at as low as $10 for one month. But one thing I must tell you is that these SEO combo packages come with usage limitations and you can only use them on one IP address. 

Affordable Pricing 

Here is list all the SEO tools that you can buy for one month at less than $10 and If you buy a combo package the cost of all the SEO tools be halved. 

This company is offering 24×7 support and at lowest price in the market. 


Most loved SEO tools by SEO professional and SEO agencies alike; Ahrefs makes link building, competitor analysis and keyword research easy. The official price for this tool is approximately $100 a month but I have been buying it for just $15 a month.


Another awesome SEO tool that is gaining popularity amongst new SEO for its easy to understand interface and new useful features that help understand the SEO, create easy to rank content, and new features are constantly added. This start with $99 a month but I have been using this tool off and on at just $10 a month. 

Moz Pro

Moz pro is one of the best premium SEO Tools out there and SEOs have been using for years and it is reliable tool but every body does not like it. And this is when you should try this tool before commit to its subscription which starts at $100 a month.


This keyword research tool is new in the market but it finds easy to rank keywords and people have started trusting this tools more than any other keyword research tools out there.

If you need easy to rank keywords then this is must.

Buy Solo SEO Tools at Affordable Prices

You can buy the solo SEO pack if you know what you need otherwise you can go for the combo pack just for $10 for a month. Combo pack will help you explore all the tools. If you like more than one tool then you should go for combo pack because when you buy two solo SEO tools; it costs close to $10.

I know it is cheap; just because you are in luck you found this page.. Please share this post on your favorite social media platform.

Other Affordable and Cheap Tools

if you want to try other tools to start eCommerce, dropshipping, or affiliate marketing then here is a well curated list of group buy tools at cheaper rates.

SEO Tools

  1. Ahrefs Group Buy Tool
  2. SEMrush Group Buy Tool 
  3. DomCop group buy account reviews: Find expired domains that may have great SEO value
  4. WordAi group buy account: Automatic spinning tool that rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs so you can get new unique content
  5. iSpionage group buy account reviews – Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic
  6. KWFinder group buy account reviews: Intuitive keyword research tool design developed by Mangools
  7. SpyFu group buy account reviews: competitive intelligence tool for SEO and PPC
  8. Moz group buy account reviews: Flagship SaaS product from SEO giant
  9. Keyword Tool group buy account reviews: Straightforward and highly effective SEO tool for researching keywords

Affiliate Marketing Tools

  1. Madsociety forum group buy account – Reviews paid forum with good guides to planning to focus on native traffic
  2. Anstrex Native and Push group buy account reviews: Spy tool that focuses predominantly on native ads and push ads
  3. Adplexity Push group buy account – Reviews top spy tools lets you dive deep into your targets
  4. AdSector group buy account – Advertising intelligence tool designed for e-commerce and advertisers.
  5. PoweAdSpy group buy account reviews: Most promising FaceBook Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool
  6. IAmAttila group buy account – Reviews affiliate marketing interviews

eCommerce Tools

  1. AdbeatAdbeat group buy account – Reviews great PPC marketing tool spy on your competitor’s advertising strategies
  2. MerchantWords group buy account – Reviews most extensive database of shopper keyword search data available anywhere
  3. ZIK Analytics group buy account – Reviews most powerful spy tool to find best selling products on other stores on Ebay
  4. AMZ Tracker Pro group buy account – Established software in the Amazon Space
  5. Ecomhunt group buy account – Reviews drop shipping service provides access to many products and markets throughout the world
  6. Ecom Inspector group buy account – Reviews ecommerce research software to browse products from Aliexpress
  7. Social Ad Scout SocialAdScout group buy account. Review Leading tool for brands to launch powerful thousands of social ad campaigns fast and easy
  8. AdPatrol group buy account – Reviews amazing platform
  9. Viral Launch group buy account – Reviews FBA suite that is meant to help businesses accurately
  10. AMZ Tracker Pro group buy account – Reviews specifically built to help improve business on Amazon
  11. Jungle Scout group buy account – Reviews Amazon and FBA product research
  12. Helium 10 group buy account: Top Amazon software suite allow to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors
  13. Keepa group buy account – Reviews great price tracking tool for Amazon
  14. Terapeak Pro App group buy account – Marketing tool that provides insights on what to sell
  15. AdSpy group buy account – Reviews Powerful Facebook and PPC Spy Tool
  16. PoweAdSpy group buy account reviews: Most promising FaceBook Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool
  17. SaleHoo group buy account – Reviews Wholesale Directory connects you with 8
  18. AMZScout group buy account – Reviews most promising tools provide additional market and product information
  19. StackThatMoney group buy account – Reviews eCommerce topics


  1. AdPlexity Native group buy account – Reviews adplexity native campaign
  2. AdPlexity Mobile group buy account – Reviews Mobile Ad campaigns
  3. AdPlexity Adult group buy account – Reviews adult popup traffic sources
  4. AdPlexity eCommerce group buy account – Reviews ads spy tools keep note competitors profitable eCommerce stores

Graphics and Templates

  1. Envato elements group buy account – Leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people to sell their digital assets
  2. Placeit group buy account reviews: One-stop-shop for mock-ups

Happy Optimisation!! Good Luck!!

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