If you are a live streamer, this is big news for you. Amazon just launched a live streaming iOS app (Amazon Live Creator) for iPhone and iPad users. This application is for social media influencers who want to make money by recommending Amazon products to their fans and followers.  As you live stream this application recommends the most relevant products to your viewers and as they click on it and make purchases within 24 hour you make money and this is huge if you have not been able to monetize your live streams so far.

How Amazon associate works

Amazon has its own affiliate program called Amazon associates that lets you refer Amazon products and services to your fans, followers, website,  app visitors, and social media pages and now on this live streaming application. And whenever somebody visits Amazon through your affiliate ID on the product link and buys anything within 24 hour; you make money.

If you are not yet an Amazon associate then you will have to sign up for Amazon associate program you will have to provide your details including email, phone number, your residence address, most importantly bank details and you also need to tell how you are going to promote Amazon products. It could be through your website, application, social media pages ect.

To sign up for the Amazon associate program is simply visit the website amazon.com or the website with country specific domain extension and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’d have a link which says Amazon Associates. Simply you have to click on it and sign up.

How much do you get paid?

Amazon associate commission rates differ on the country to country Amazon website, you are associated with. For more details you can have a look at their Commission rate chart. It begins from 1 % and goes to 10% across all Amazon websites around the world.

App Screenshots

Here is screenshots posted on Apple app store

Source: Apple App Store

Download and Install Amazon Live Creator

This app is only available for iOS users; if you have iPhone or iPad you can install this app from Apple App Store.

Download from App Store