Starting a blog is the easiest thing to do after reading this post. If you can manage your facebook profile, tweet your thoughts, and find a YouTube video for your DIY ideas. 

There are many sites where you can start your blog from, but you want to start a blog that has search engines friendly, and lets you easily share your blog posts on your ideal social media platforms. 

I know a lot of bloggers that started with blogger, blogger is a blogging software by Google, and later on they had to migrate to other blogging CMS.

You want to start your blog with a CMS that offers easy user experience and at the same time is also scalable.

I always recommend people to start their blog with WordPress, the reason is simple; it is easy to start with, there are thousands of free and paid themes and plugins and you can easily find developers, and WordPress hosting is also cheap and on top of everything; WordPress is fully customizable and you get full control to do things later on. 

Many people contact me to customize and to add new features to their websites and blogs powered by Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and simply I have to say “No, it’s possible with Wix, Shopify, Squarespace and etc”. That’s the reason; you want to start your blog with WordPress.

Create Your Blog With WordPress

Let’s create your blog with WordPress. If you do not know – WordPress powers 35% of the sites on the internet as of 2020, and that is huge. And this gives you, the new blogger to get started with WordPress at a very nominal price because there is competition and every hosting company in the world offers WordPress one click installer, and optimized web hosting server.

Find a Perfect Domain Name

Finding a perfect domain name is essential to blogging; especially if you are considering blogging for your lifetime.

Few things to keep in mind when buying a new domain name

  1. You should not buy expired domains; you might end up buying spammy domains.
  2. Before buying domain name; check if social profile can be created with the name
  3. Google for the domain name you are buying to check if it is unique in the eyes of the giant.
  4. Go for easy to remember and brandable domain name

Find Web Hosting for Your Audience

You know your target audience, you should also know their geo to serve faster and quicker page load on their devices like smartphone, desktop, and tablets.

Find the best web hosting company in your target geo. You want to go with the starter web hosting plans first then once you start getting visitors to your blog, you can upgrade your web hosting server.

Launch Your Blog

Okay! You have your domain name and finalized your web hosting and ready to launch your blog with WordPress .Here is how you can install WordPress on your web hosting server.

Make Money with Blogging

I don’t know the reason why you want to start blogging but if you want to start your blog to attract new audiences and drive them towards your products and offers or simply put; you want to make money by recommending products and services that you like and admire then I assume that you know your target audience. 

Knowing your audience is key to succeeding as a blogger. This is why new bloggers should find a blogging niche before starting the blog. Once you have your target audience; you can easily find ideas to write your blog posts and recommend products and services to make some extra bucks.