If you’re looking for wireless earbuds with awesome sound quality and good level of bass sound too  then this post is going to list all the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds that you can buy for your android,  iPhone, laptops,  tablets and iPad devices that support Bluetooth pairing. 

I am going to list the best wireless earbuds that are highly rated,  with good sound quality and at the same time they are also durable. 

Wireless earbuds are really helpful if you go to gym or go for jogging or you are on the way and you don’t want to manage the wire thing then the wireless earbud is good for you. 

I have been personally using wireless earbuds for some time because what happens to the wired earphones are sometimes annoying and also look old fashioned. Old wireless Bluetooth earbuds had some connectivity issues before but these days the latest wireless Bluetooth earbuds are way better and there is no lagging.

To be very honest I have been using branded and non branded earbuds  for some time and some of my friends have also used different types of keyboard to listen to music and answer the call over the smartphone,  templates and compatible laptops as well.

The non branded phones have one issue that they don’t last for long but they are cheap so if you’re going to use wireless earphones or earbuds for the first time. I would suggest you should buy the non branded first if you can manage because there are a lot of people that don’t buy non branded because they belong to  higher society and there are people who really don’t care whether the branded or non branded if it’s working then it’s good for them.

List of Highly Rated Earbuds

Here is a quick list of highly rated best wireless earbuds both branded and non branded. I have  listed these earbuds, keeping the customer satisfaction and features tracking and overall Listening and usage experience in mind. Please share your experience of using any specific keyboard in the comment section below like how is the sound quality, how long did it last and what are your use cases.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Waterproof Earbuds

This is a waterproof sport earbud pair so if you are a sports person or go to the gym or you love going for jogging every day and you also like to carry your smartphone with wireless earbuds then this could be good for you.

This Pair of waterproof earbuds has approximately 4000 views and average review star ratio is 4 and above. This waterproof earbud will cost you approximately 19000 Rupees and it is available on line and some of the select offline stores as well.  

Price: INR 18,654

Here’s a quick list of the features that this jaybird Vista wireless waterproof sport earbuds has to offer and also others are appreciating the features.

A Quick Feature Pointers

  1. A waterproof Sport Earbuds
  2. ‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries 
  3. Weigh only 6 grams
  4. 4000 Reviews on amazon only

Mobvoi Earbuds Head-Gesture Control Bluetooth 5.0

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture Design is simple; it quickly pairs  with your smart phones – android and iPhone both and other supported bluetooth devices. It has 6-Axis motion sensors that help you pick up calls by nodding twice or refuse the call by shaking twice. This earphone also has no is cancellation feature that is pretty awesome in this price range.

This comes with inbuilt sixaxis senses that help users pickup and refuse goals by nodding and shaking their heads. This earbud has a feature that lets you completely switch from right to left earbud  if you like to use either right or left independently. This also comes with app support with lots of cool features.

Price: INR 6999

A quick feature pointers

  1. Inbuilt sensors
  2. App availability for customisation
  3. Independent earbud switch
  4. Siri and Google Voice assist
  5. Up to 50 hours battery life

EDYELL® C5 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

This wireless earbud is a fairly new product in the market. It is listed on major E-Commerce portals in India and some other parts of the world as well, here is a quick feature summary of the product.

EDYELL® C5 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds comes with Massive 3500MAH Charging Case IPX7 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones in Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sports. This offers crystal clear sound, is good for music lovers and during sports and gym. The price range is also ok, you can find this at around 2000 rupees online and offline. 

Price: INR 1999

A quick feature points

  1. Sound clarity is excellent.
  2. Quick Bluetooth connection
  3. Battery backup time is very good.
  4. Clear voice and music instruments sound superrr.
  5. Totally excellent earbud touch panel
  6. Overall good product.
  7. It becomes a Power bank when needed and the artery backup is also very good.