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Cheap SEO Tools: Alternatives, Cheaper, Affordable All Premium Tools

If you have been waiting for a cheap SEO premium tools service provider, your wait is over now. I am very happy to tell you that I have been using this service provider for a few months and I get all the premium SEO tools at a very affordable price on top of that I get 24×7 support and that’s awesome. 

I pay as a minimum as $9 for one month  and I get all top premium SEO tools listed below. You can buy individual tools and you can buy a Combo Package that makes it even cheaper. I always go for a combo pack that halves the price of each tool in the package.

  1. Ahrefs (USD 5)
  2. Semrush (USD 4)
  3. Serpstat (USD 3)
  4. ArticleForge (USD 3)
  5. WordAi (USD 3)
  6. Keyword Tool (USD 3)
  7. Buzzsumo (USD 2.5)
  8. Moz (USD 2.5)
  9. SpyFu (USD 2.5)
  10. Canva (USD 2.5)
  11. Grammarly (USD 2.5)
  12. Quetext (USD 2.5)
  13. Alexa (USD 2.5)
  14. Woorank (USD 2.5)
  15. Lynda (USD 2.5)
  16. Skillshare (USD 2.5)
  17. Animoto (USD 2.5)
  18. Piktochart (USD 2.5)
  19. Crello (USD 2.5)
  20. PicMonkey (USD 2.5)

This price range is only available at ProSEOTools. There are many such service providers but they charge almost double the price, some of them will charge you even more than double the price.

Here is your Combo Pack SEO Tools, which include all the above mentioned top premium SEO and SEM tools.

Solo SEO Tools

Here is list of solo SEO Tools that might help you achieve your digital marketing goals. You can check the price and one by one. Sign up will be required to test the tools and check the actual price but be rest sure of the lowest price in the market.

1. KWfinder

If you have been looking for an SEO tool that’s easy to use and finds you easy to rank keywords and phrases then you must go with KWFinder. Go ahead and get some rankings with easy to rank keywords.

2. ahrefs

find kgr with ahrefs

Looking for ahrefs at lower price or cheaper alternative to other seo tools? That cost you 100 of dollars every month them you must try this group buy SEO Tool service provider that offers ahrefs at just $5 a month.

3. SEMrush

find kgr with semrush

Have you been wondering if there is any way you can buy SEMrush SEO tool at lower price or cheaper alternative to other premium SEO tools? Then here you SEMrush at just $4 for a month and if you buy the SEO combo pack then you they slice the price by half.

4. Keyword Tool

find kgr with keyword tool

There are a lot of SEOs and digital marketers, who like to use Keyword Tool to find KRG (keyword golden ratio). If you are looking for KRG for your website and blog then this group buy seo tools service provider offers it at just $3 for a month.

5. Moz Pro

If you are a MOZ fan and looking for MOZ Pro at cheaper and lower price then you must try this group buy seo tool provider, who offers it at just $3 for a month.

Why so cheap?

So the question is right. How these service providers are able to offer these premium SEO tools at this affordable price. This is only possible with the so-called shared service concept. The service providers purchase agency packages from these premium SEO service providers and put them on the API call.  Once it’s on API call they start selling it to other users with limited access to the tool.

That’s right with these tools you get limited access but you will be able to perform most of the tasks initially when you do not have enough money to afford these premium tools.

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