In this post we will know what is Conjunction and what are the types of Conjunction. And how to use Conjunctions in sentences. Now this question must have come in your mind that what is Conjunction?

What is Conjunction?

A Conjunction is a word that joins words and sentences together.

Now let us first look at the use of conjunction in the following sentences, and then we learn how many types of conjunctions are there. And how to make sentences using Conjunction.

  1. Naveen and Nisha are good at English.
  2. He likes to eat rice and curd.
  3. We played very well but we lost the match.
  4. You will catch the train if you go now.

Now let’s look at types of conjunctions.

There are four types of connections.

conjunctive adverbs however, therefore, indeed etc.

1. Coordinating Conjunctions.

and, or, but, so, yet, for, nor.

  1. You can go today or tomorrow.
  2. John cut the onions and I peeled the potatoes.
  3. I usually get up early but this morning I got up at 9:30.
  4. It was raining, so we didn’t go out.
  5. Are Diya and Paul here?
  6. No, they haven’t arrived yet.

2. Subordinating Conjunction.

because, after, although, if whether, unless, until, whenever, wherever.

  1. He could not come because it was raining heavily.
  2. I missed the rain although I walked fast.
  3. We shall be late if the bus does not come.
  4. After I get home from work, I like to rest

3. Correlative Conjunctions.

either.. or, neither.. nor, both.. and, not only.. but also etc.

  1. She is both intelligent and beautiful.
  2. John is neither rich nor famous.
  3. She is not only intelligent, but also very funny.
  4. I will either go for a hike or stay home and watch TV.

 4. Conjunctive adverbs.

however, therefore, otherwise, in fact, in addition, on the other hand etc.

  1. John kept talking in class; therefore, he got in trouble.
  2. She went into the store; howevershe didn’t find anything she wanted to buy.
  3. I like you a lot; in fact, I think we should be best friends.
  4. Your dog got into my yard; in addition, he dug up my lily.