Recently Google announced that if your website doesn’t score good in Core web vitals parameters then your competitors may rank higher if their core web vital score is better than yours.

I have been experimenting with core web vehicles for quite some time and recently I had quick success on two websites for desktop core web vital, so thought of helping others by offering my service at a nominal price of $50 per site.

Here is core web vitals score of two websites that I fixed recently.

Core Web Vital Score with 154 Good URLs

This website is hosting on a VPS server with 1 GB RAM running Ubuntu Server.


Core Web Vital Score with 64 Good URLs

This website is hosting on a shared web hosting plan.

I can fix core web vitals on the existing web hosting plan. My approach works on shared hosting plans, VPS, and managed hosting servers too.

I am available at [email protected]

You can pay me with paypal, BitCoin, and Etherium.