keyword golden ratio kgr

What is KGR?

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a formula measurement the amount of allintitle:search term Results, over the local Monthly Search Volume. The LMS volume should be equal to or less than 250.

KRG formula

KGR = allintitle search result volume / local search volume(<250)

If result is less than 0.25, then it is easy to rank 

And when your result is < 0.25 this is when you are more likely to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Keyword Tool for KGR

There are so many keyword research tools these days you can choose any from semrush, ahref, moz, and etc. But this is what I use for KGR research that was built for keyword research initially, later they started adding other tools like SERP checker, on-page SEO tool and these tool are part of the keyword research tool. And that is Mangools keyword research tool, but here is my favorite one that I came to know recently and I love it for its transparency and other few features that make more sense.

Why KGR?

Now, you already know that KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ratio. I know it is difficult to find KGR keyword or long tail keywords in your niche, but believe me, investing time in searching for KGR is worth it.

Know why…

With KGR any one can rank their post, post, product, or service on search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines in matter of only few days.

The Truth…

You may have already experienced it in your digital marketing journey so far, that no keyword tool can predict exact monthly search volume for coming months and years, just because it is volatile so it is based on probability, also may be the volume is an average figure based on previous monthly search volume. The other thing, KGR may not work every time, but it has worked most of the times.

You’ve got the KRG, now what?

Perform the query search on major search engines..

Now, you have found your KRG in your niche. Let’s go ahead and make sure we write the best content for the users that are searching for this keyword.

Take a moment and think…

Think about the persona of the searcher, think why is he/she is performing the search. ok. Great! So there might be a few reasons why he/she is performing the search for this keyword. Just take a note of those possible reasons.

Offer the best solution

Do your research on the topic and write content and publish it.