I can add any schema markup to your website, blog, and eCommerce Store. Schema markup would be written in JSON-LD format, which is recommended and preferred schema markup by Google.

Types of Schema Markup

Here is a list of types of schema markup that are not being utilized by the business owners and marketers.

  1. Address
  2. Contact page
  3. Event
  4. Project
  5. Developer
  6. Provider (Goods and Services)
  7. Artist
  8. Creative Work
  9. Clothing Stores
  10. Local Business
  11. Services
  12. Restaurant
  13. Shoe Store
  14. Beauty Salon
  15. Auto Rental
  16. Parking Facility
  17. Furniture Store
  18. Electronic Store
  19. Art Gallery
  20. Electrician
  21. Plumber
  22. Florist
  23. Taxi Service

There are hundreds of schema markups that can be used to notify search engines about the type business and service you offer.

Please let me know what sort of service and business you do. I am here to help businesses like yours.


You can reach me at [email protected]