When it comes to choosing an SEO tools for your business, it’s important to know what tool is good for your search engine optimisation requirement. You can find a thousands of SEO tools out there these days, all of them, do claim be do better jobs than their competitors, but that is not always the case. And most of times, just to make some money, the SEOs and SEO writers suggest wrong tools to their clients, readers, and followers.

Here I am going to list some best free and paid SEO tools that you can have a look at according to your requirement. I am going to categorise these SEO tools into four types of SEO Tools.

  1. On-page SEO Tools
  2. Off-page SEO Tools
  3. Technical SEO Tools
  4. Spy SEO Tools
  5. SEM Tools (Search Engine Marketing Tools)
  6. eCommerce & FBA Tools
  7. Market Research Tools

This categorised list of digital marketing tools will help you buy the right SEO tool to fix site, blog, store optimisation issues and attract more traffic from major search engines.

Note: there are a number to eCommerce and FBA marketing tools that are incomparable to ordinary SEO tools. There tools are specifically designed for eCommerce store and FBA businesses.

If you are just launching a your website, blog, and eCommerce store then I you should be looking for an SEO tool that is just good for finding out technical issues of times and optimising the on-page SEO, which include optimising page meta tags, making sure your content structure is logical and search engine bots are going to like it and put your content in the top category in your industry.