DogeCoin was soaring above $0.74 cents just a few days ago and something happened now it has been falling all the time today it touched 37 cents.

DogeCoin Below $0.40

This clearly shows this currency doesn’t have the value but it was just a hype, people were investing in this cryptocurrency and this is a good lesson for the beginner investors that a beginner investor should never invest just because a celebrity is backing something verbally but actually when it comes to implementing it to his or her own business, he or she is not willing to take the risk so why should his and her followers should take.

I have been watching the market recently regularly and I found there clearly few winners that have potential and people are investing and these top five  cryptocurrencies have gained over 20% in the last 24 hours. 

But it’s not indication that they will continue gaining forever,  a smart investor always checks the data, the trends and picks a few winners investment purpose before investing lot of people watch the the cryptocurrency for few days they will investigate like how and when was it built? what  industries and companies are using it and what is the purpose of creating this cryptocurrency.

Remember – always invest the amount that does not make any difference to your livelihood and security of your loved ones whatsoever.

Top Crypto Gainers Over Last 24 Hours 

  1. ATM, Price: $21.44, Change: 88%
  2. NANO, Price: $14.25, Change: 61%
  3. SXPDOWN, Price: $6.80, Change: 34%
  4. ACM, Price: $12.70, Change: 30%
  5. PHA, Price: 0.954, Change: 30%