Want to add sitelink schema markup to your WordPress site, blog, and store? Look no further, I have helped hundreds of site owners by adding sitelink schema markup to their website. If you would like to improve your branding and build trust then adding sitelink will help Google showcase your most important pages to your prospect clients and buyers.

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If you do not know what is sitelink then let me quickly go over it.

What are sitelinks?

Sitelink is a schema markup; Google prefers it to be in JSON-LD format. This is added to your site and once it is added your site, Google start showing up your main pages with meta description whenever someone googles your brand or business name or website name on the very top of the page.

Create Sitelinks in WordPress

If you are wondering how to create sitelink in WordPress then the straight forward answer is that you should install a plugin that has sitelink schema markup feature.

There are many free and paid WordPress schema plugins already available but if you already have some schema plugin installed and activated but this shcema markup plugin does not have sitelink schema markup then adding another schema markup plugin might overwrite many schema markup on your site, which might confuse search engine bots. So, it is not good idea to remove the existing plugin or adding another schema markup plugin.

Rather, you should hire a developer to add sitelink schema markup to your site from theme’s functions.php file.

Create Sitelinks in Shopify

Creating sitelink schema markup for eCommerce store is must because this creates trust in the eyes of your customers and clients. I am glad to offer this service to all Shopify store owners now. You can contact me at [email protected] with your store site URL.

Sitelink Schema Markup

To create custom sitelink schema markup with search bar feature for your WordPress site, I offer a gig at very reasonable price, you can contact me with additional questions at [email protected]

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What are Pagelinks?

If you are wondering – what are pagelinks? Pagelinks appear below the meta description on the search results. Pagelinks can increase your traffic and your pages may rank for more than one keyword and phrase.

How to Create Pagelinks

To create pagelinks, your pages and posts must have h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 with following paragraphs. Then you need to add ID attribute to these sub-headings, ID attributes must contain the keywords and phrases in them.

Pagelinks are also called page fragments.