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How to Convert Numbers to Excel

How to convert dot numbers file to excel file on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

What is a .numbers file?

Numbers Spreadsheet numbers
.numbers files are spreadsheets, created with Apple Numbers, which is part of the iWork package. Numbers is available for Mac OS X and iOS and is a competitor to Microsoft Excel. .numbers files can contain tables, charts, formulas, and images.

How to convert .number files to MS excel files

To convert .number files into Microsoft excel files, you do not need to have/buy any software. There are free tools  on the web, that can help you convert your .numbers files into a compatible file format for your Microsoft Excel.

Simply, visit the URL below and select your .number file to upload onto the converter website and once your .number file is uploaded, and click convert.

Convert Numbers to Excel

That’s it! Now, you can download your converted file onto your computer/laptop.

And open with Microsoft Excel.

Good Luck!!

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