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How to Find KGR Keywords

Finding KGR keyword or KGR long tail keyword is completely manual task, but there are few keyword research tools that will make your job easy. This post will guide you how to find KGR keywords and long tail keywords with the help of tools and manually as well.

Make notes to save time…

What is KGR?

If you don’t know what KGR is. Let me tell you KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ratio that are easy to rank, even with new domain and zero SEO knowledge and optimization, anyone can rank for found KGR keywords within matter of just 2-3 days.

KGR stands for Keyword Golden Ration

Basically KGR keywords are low competition keywords, and you can rank quickly, without backlinks and much SEO knowledge.

What Determines KGR?

keyword golden ratio kgr

Here are few things that determine KGR. You can make jot down for future reference as well.

Before your start searching for KGR

What is your target country?

You must know your target country. For example let us say I want to target the USA audience.

What is monthly search volume?

Less than 250/month

Now you need to figure out an average number of reaches, people perform for a particular keyword/phrase in a month. Search volume has to be less than 250 per month for a keyword or phrase or long tail keyword.

Number of pages trying to rank

allintitle:search term

Now, you need to know how many pages or posts are trying to rank for this keyword/phrase. To know the number of pages trying to rank for this keyword, we can Google search engine with one of its search query and that is allintitle.

When you perform this query in Google, this will look like.

# of pages to rank for this keyword

And that’s all you need to know to find KGR keywords. Now, I am going to share the KGR formula.

KGR Formula

To apply KGR keyword formula, we’ll take allintitle result number and divide by the keyword monthly search volume(<250). And if your answer falls below 0.025 that mean this keyword is KGR.

allintitle results / monthly search volume

Tools to make the process of finding KGR easy

So there are many tools used in the industry to find low competition keywords and long tail keywords, But my favorite are kwfinder and Keyword Tool; these keyword research tools were initially designed to find low competition keywords. And I had success with it, even before the KGR came into the picture.

These are the best keyword research tools used by SEO professionals

1. Find easy to rank keywords with KWfinder for free 10 days

2. Find easy to rank keywords with ahrefs

3. Find easy to rank keywords w/ semrush

4. Find easy to rank keywords w/ Keyword Tool

5. Find easy to rank keywords w/ Moz Pro

KGR Combo SEO Tools

Here is an offer for digital marketer to try all top SEO tools at lowest price for 30 days only.

KGR history..

KGR term was coined by Dough Konnington. He teaches people how to make money with amazon affiliate website.

Back to business..

Kwfinder lets you select target country, and has monthly keyword volume filter that lets you narrow down the path to finding KGR keywords, I mean Kwfinder lists all the keywords and phrases that have monthly search volume less than 250.

And that is the beauty of this keyword search tool. Great! now you can download the list of keywords with <250 monthly volume and perform the Google allintitle search to find the number of pages trying to rank for a keyword.

So, that is it people, if you have any question about KGR or any suggestion please leave your comment and question below in the comment section.




Good Luck with your KGR keyword research!


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